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Miscreation: Evolve Your Creature! Free Download Vasdem

--- | --- **The management:** Support your creature's attempt to **evolve**. Your creature must pass certain checks to **evolve**. --- **Improve** (from _get better_ ): Help your creature improve. Give it training and aid in its learning. **To strengthen:** Enhance your creature's abilities. Give your creature extra power to do its tasks. **To heal:** Help your creature to heal itself. Restore abilities that have been harmed. **To protect:** Help your creature protect itself. Help it to avoid harmful situations. **To manage:** Help your creature manage to do its tasks. **To help:** Help your creature to evolve and improve. **To guide:** Help your creature to make the right decisions. **To build:** Help your creature to construct itself and its surroundings. **To become:** Help your creature to become stronger and wiser. **To change:** Help your creature change itself or its environment. **To get better:** Help your creature to improve itself. _Example: He helped it build its house from many different materials, and it became a magnificent structure. A nearby farmer who wanted a splendid house built for himself built it from marble that he had purchased. He said it was the finest house he had ever seen._

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